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Human Perspectives – Opera Gallery Zurich, 2018

With his fragmented interior scenes and portraits, Andy Denzler is part of a group of

contemporary artists who concentrate on figures and their representation in space. Not unlike

Peter Doig’s ghostly figures or Yan Pei-Ming’s portraits painted with large brush strokes,

Denzler paints the human figure - men and women who are anonymous and individualised at

the same time. This group of international artists cast an insightful eye on our society through

their figurative work. In our world overloaded with images, such artists were able to resist to

the immediacy and urgency that the new media have to offer and give their images a new

temporality, allowing the viewer to reflect and contemplate.

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The Painter’s Room – Opera Gallery Paris, 2018

As a result of this original aesthetic, Denzler’s creations merge the figurative and the abstract.

It is, in fact, the picture of a woman, a man, a couple that one can see on the surface of the

canvas combined with large coloured areas, moving surfaces and distortions. Denzler

integrates figures and scenes from everyday life as captured through photography. Thus,

figuration leaves room to non-figuration and all is united in a neutral palette, composed of

more subdued colours such as flesh tones, ochres and browns.


Portraits. Figures & Interiors – BRAFA, Brussels, 2018

Another reason, is the fertile relationship that Denzler maintains between image and

substance. There is a constant dialogue and mutual enrichment from these two poles.

The paintings` subjects never end with the depiction of the image, nor is the act of

painting reduced to a pure experimentation of the material. The viewer`s perception of

the work wavers between pure abstraction and evocative portrayal. This experience is

enhanced by the neutral and muted colors that the artist uses.


Fragmented Identity - Damiani, Bologna, 2017

Andy Denzler combines a variety of media in his art practice, including painting, sculpture, and

drawing. His works respond to traditional portrait painting through an expressive and

multi-layered application of impasto oil paint and the subsequent removal

thereof, resulting in the morphing of the image.


Fragmented Figures - Schultz Contemporary, Berlin, 2017

Andy Denzler`s new pictures captivate due to his brilliant painting technique, oscillating

between the figurative and the abstract. At the core is the human being, mostly young and

urban. Some of them are known to us by name: they are called `Billie-Jean` or `Katharina`. They

stood model and Denzler took photos of them, for which the lighting was of paramount



Between Here and There - Opera Gallery, London, 2016

In his new series Between Here and There, Andy Denzler explores the romantic idea of an

artist’s existence in the urban environment: a creative mind surrounded by the decay of

buildings, a search for identity within the fast - paced world.


Suspended Reality - Opera Gallery, New York, 2016

Denzler’s pieces are snap-shots of events that take place in the span of mere moments,

distorted in their movements, their timeframe artificially smeared and elongated into frozen



Breakfast with Velázquez - Schultz Contemporary, 2015

Our eyes glide over the surfaces of the „Photo Frame Paintings“ as if we were slipping and

sliding down a snowy serpentine paths. We stand opposite snowy figures which seem to be

secret weapons against climate change, as if they were hidden behind a wall off sleet.

Denzler’s quiet, barren unreality is of the highest painterly attractiveness.


SEQUENCES - Opera Gallery, 2015

Realism and abstraction, immobility and motion, softness and violence, control and

abandonment: the aesthetic and unsettling nature of Andy Denzler’s art lies in ambivalence

and paradox, an art practiced like a choreography in several acts.

book_100 miradas.jpg

100 Miradas - Al Arte Contemporaneo, 2014

Distorted faces speak to us about the influence of media on our society today. Trough portraits

with touches about surrealism, Denzler appeals to the search of identity and at the same time

critisizes the unreal beauty of th pictures we see on a daily basis.

book_distote moments_website.jpg

Distorted Moments - Ludwig Museum 2014

His works move between abstraction and reality, using the classical applications of oil painting

to broach the shifting lines between fiction and reality. Denzler's pieces are snap-shots of

events that take place in the span of mere movements, blurred and distorted in their

movements, their timeframe artifically smeared and elongated into frozen eternities.


Neo Expressionism - Zhan Zhou International, 2013


Empire Inc. Kunsthalle Rostock 2013


Developing Landscapes, Hypnotized, 2013


Andy Denzler, Motion Paintings, 2010


American Paintings - Kashya Hildebrand Gallery, 2005

These paintings are autonomous and at the same time part of a larger concept. Even regarded

as single pieces, the connection between them should be kept in mind. This becomes

ostensive as a sort of puzzle of a higher order, when the paintings, through hanging them

accordingly, are put in opposition to each other ehre confrontation of opposing characters and

political positions seemingly brings conflicts of historical relevance to a point.